2030 Reasons

# 2030Reasons

Family, farming, fun and more. For #2030reasons, let’s celebrate the people, places and pastimes we value and enjoy.

Springtime. Harvest time. School holiday picnics. Campfires. Junior farmhand help. Beach escapes. Pets. Sportside cheers. Chatter of birds over a cuppa. The evening light over landscapes we love. For #2030reasons let’s focus on the little things (and big things!) that make rural life great.

Between us, we would have thousands of reasons for joining efforts towards net-zero emissions by 2030.

In your part of the country, what do you value and why? What are some of your reasons for supporting net-zero emissions by 2030? For the rest of 2020, we would love you to share photos or videos of some of your #2030reasons.

Share your photos and reasons on social media and use the #2030reasons hashtag. Feel free to tag @AgZero2030 on Twitter and Instagram.

#2030reasons is about sharing what we enjoy and can be proud of today, as we do all we can to create the best future possible for ourselves and today’s children’s grandchildren.

NB: AgZero2030 is all about protecting the people we care about, so we encourage everyone to consider the issues raised in Privacy and your child: Can I safely share photos of my kids online? while sharing #2030reasons photos.