About Us

# AgZero2030

We are a group of Western Australian farmers, primary industries professionals and organisations who have formed a movement to promote positive responses to climate change.

Based on a deep commitment to our industries and communities, we are highly motivated to maximise opportunities and minimise risks for them, for now and the future.

AgZero2030 sees a future where WA primary industries increasingly contribute solutions to the challenges of climate change.

AgZero2030 joins others in the ag sector pursuing net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 to help in world efforts to limit global warming to 1.5°C.

Our mission is to:

  • share positive stories about responses to climate change from WA primary industries,
  • share climate change related information and research, and tools and information to support efforts towards carbon neutrality by 2030,
  • contribute to evidence-based primary industries policy responses to climate change.

AgZero2030 acknowledges the innovation and adaptation of Western Australian primary producers in response to climate change.

Changing climatic systems have changed ocean temperatures, changed seasonal rainfall, increased frost and heat stress events, and increased risk of fire. There are limits to business-as-usual adaptation strategies. Minimising global warming will increase the chances of healthy rural communities continuing to provide food and fibre to people here and overseas.

AgZero2030 accepts that renewable energy and innovative value chain technologies are needed to reduce WA’s contribution to global greenhouse gas emissions. We’ll continue to seek and embrace suitable and evidence-based opportunities for emissions reductions on-farm, and for carbon capture and storage in soils and vegetation. AgZero2030 will take the opportunity to have input into policy via submissions.

AgZero2030 is a movement that:

  • was sparked by Western Australian farmers in 2019,
  • was expanded and refined by attendees of our Creating Climate Solutions in WA Agribusiness Forum held at the University Club of WA in September 2019,
  • is supported by volunteers who have been assisted by the national organisation Farmers For Climate Action.

AgZero2030 Ltd became a company limited by guarantee in August 2020, with a volunteer board supporting the AgZero2030 movement.

Some of the attendees and presenters at our Creating Climate Solutions in WA Agribusiness Forum held at the University Club of WA in September 2019, where the AgZero2030 movement was created.

You’re invited to join AgZero2030, follow us on Twitter or Instagram, and get in touch via info@AgZero2030.org.au.