Current Working Group

# AgZero2030

Current Working Group

Our current working group includes the board and the following people who continue to support the AgZero2030 movement and its goals.

Christie Kingston //

Since 2004, ex-city girl Christie has helped her husband run their mixed cropping and merino wool farm in Goomalling in Ballardong Noongar country, within the southwest Western Australian global biodiversity hotspot. She cares deeply about being a generous ancestor and joining with others to help create the most peaceful and beautiful world and civilisation possible for future generations.

Kent Broad //

Kent grew up in the Midwest region and was a farmer and pastoralist for over 35 years. He is a co-founder of Outback Carbon, bringing landowners and industry together for the development of carbon offset solutions. He is a RegenWA committee member and Climate Reality Leader.

Wayne Pech //

Wayne runs North Stirling Downs Agriculture in the Great Southern Region. Focused on sustainable high-quality food and fibre production, Wayne is deeply committed to the future of Australian agriculture.

Tony York //

Tony York is a third-generation farmer from Tammin where he farms more than 12,000ha of wheat, barley, canola, various legumes and a merino-based sheep flock with his brother Simon. He is a director of the National Farmers Federation and former President of WA Farmers.

Phil Gardiner new.jpg
Philip Gardiner //

Moora farmer Phil runs Edale merino stud. He has been advocating for climate action for decades in industry roles and as a former Member of the WA Legislative Council. He was a founding executive director of Macquarie Bank.

Rob Grima new.jpg
Rob Grima //

Raised on a mixed farm in east Mullewa, Rob Grima is a farm management consultant with a background in farm management, agronomy, research and budgeting.

Alex Gardner new.png
Alex Gardner //

Alex Gardner grew up on a farm in the Shire of Tammin and now owns a couple of paddocks east of York with his wife, Ping, and which he share farms with the neighbours. Since 1988, Alex has been based at The University of Western Australia where he is a Professor of Natural Resources and Environmental Law. He helps AgZero in submitting appeals against projects with high greenhouse gas emissions that have been recommended approval by the Environmental Protection Authority.

Larissa Taylor new.png
Larissa Taylor //

Larissa is an ESG professional with over 25 years of experience designing and leading capacity building and change management initiatives at the interface of private, industry, tertiary research and public sector organisations in Australia. A key strength is her ability to create value through complexity. Larissa has a track record of establishing and leading transformational programs based on leading science which deliver thought leadership, commercial insight and measurable impact through food and agribusiness supply chains and land systems.

Hamish Maclean new.png
Hamish Maclean //

Hamish Maclean was raised on a fifth-generation sheep farm and now works as an insurance broker at Countrywide Insurance Brokers, he serves a significant agricultural clientele in the Midwest. Observing the toll natural disasters have taken on the community through his insurance work, Hamish recognises the need for climate-focused action. He advocates for sustainable practices and a shift in the insurance sector, while emphasising agriculture's vital role in mitigating emissions and maintaining social integrity.

Kynan Jackson new.png
Kynan Jackson //

Kynan Jackson started his agricultural journey in the family farming business, before starting as a broadacre agronomist about 20 years ago. He also has experience in the composting industry, primarily focussed on amenity horticulture. For the past seven years he has worked with InterGrain, firstly in a marketing role and then as the field operations lead for WA. He has always had a keen interest in environment and the impact of humans, and at InterGrain he is part of the ESG working group.